Our Story

“Born in Port Richmond Philly, Philadelphia is the home to our family our entire lives. We have opened a store in our backyard of Northeast Philadelphia where we can continue to build relationships in the neighborhood and surrounding areas as well as to be an active part of the community. Our life is here, we shop here, buy here and live here. We support the neighborhood and all of the local businesses.”



The Idea

We want to shop local & sell local. We believe that if you support the small family businesses in your neighborhood, they will too. "Keep the revenue local" 

Why buy from Philly Mattress?

We are a small family store with access to most all of the product that the big stores do. The difference is, we do not have the overhead.Think of the big stores and all of the overhead they have including large electricity, warehouse, taxes, payroll with GM, managers and that sales commission you pay when you purchase. Our store has minimum cost so your purchases are not inflated like theirs are. Come and visit us and see what it is that we have to offer.  

Mattresses, Furniture & Home Design

From Mattresses to Furniture & Home Design. We can offer you most items to make your house a home. We carry all types of Mattresses from Value to some of the most hand crafted beds made. Furniture- we have Out Door, Living Room, Dinning Room, Bedroom etc... We also carry styles from Shore collections to Mountain, Anything you can imagine, we have access to. All of this plus a savings. We also have a designer that can help you pick out and design your space or just work with you while you design your space. We want to help you so please feel free to stop in and talk.