Kingsdown Prime Double Dunbar Firm Mattress

Kingsdown Prime Double Dunbar Firm Mattress

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Kingsdown Prime Double Dunbar Firm Mattress

Kingsdown has a unique process to ensure every mattress meets their high quality standards before leaving their building. 

Two sided mattress 

Prime Collection

The coils are individually wrapped to ensure less motion and waking from movement.

The innerspring system provides solid levels of zoned-support. meaning there are less issues with pressure points and you are more likely to wake up feeling refreshed and rested.

The memory foam is a special gel-infused foam to sleep much more cool than other foam mattresses and provides good support at the most vital areas as well as giving you support for your knees and hips without losing the softness.

The foam used, is arranged in a multi-level support system. micro-coils support to help give you the best forms of body-contouring memory foam without sinking. it enhances the support..

Finally, the Prime collection benefits from perimeter coils which are reinforced to provide the most possible edge support. The result is more surface area for sleeping on.